The Terrible Twos Are Real!

Our two older daughters never prepared us for the “terrible twos” since both girls were quietly playing with their dolls, coloring, drawing, watching cartoons and doing typical girly activities with minimal mess. Our six year old still loves to clean, whether it’s her mess or not. Lets just say, we were spoiled! We were in denial! The Terrible Twos Are Real and they’re here to stay! This is Vincent’s show and we’re just in the audience.

The other day he taught himself how to drink out of the faucet in the bathroom sink and was loving every second of it. We watched him in awe as he drank the water, smiled and laughed, getting all excited with each time. We took a few photos, as we do every time he learns something new. My husband went to the front door to grab the mail and I turned my back for not even a minute to order dinner and when I walked back Two toddler children with toothbrush standing by the toilet in the bathroom at home.into the bathroom, Vincent was standing INSIDE the toilet! Yes, that’s right! Inside! And he had the biggest smile on his face when he saw me, as if to say “look what I can do mommy”. I finished placing my order, made sure to take a photo to show his future wife one day, scooped him out of the toilet and brought him up to the bath. This is truly a typical day in our home. Sure the toilet incident was so far a one-time deal but Vincent getting into a mess that results in a bath is truly a common occurrence and expected. He especially loves to do mischievous things in front of his father just to see what theatrics daddy will perform.

He loves to climb, jump, throw, run, laugh, play, smile, and hug… he’s loud, makes a mess and loves to explore. To some people this might seem overwhelming but not to me, I’m loving every moment with him. Every new milestone is celebrated, every moment is absorbed and etched into my brain. Vincent is learning at his own pace and his journey has shown me that life is not a race but a stroll so stop and smell the roses.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing!


The Start To Healthier Days

Vincent is an energetic, fearless little boy who’s into everything and anything, so when he catches a cold and is out for the count for a few days, our hearts break. The past year he has been getting sick more often and taking longer to get better. I noticed one day during a typical meltdown that his tonsils are extremely enlarged and as time goes on, even with medicine his tonsil never shrink. They’re always enlarged, two huge round fleshy balls just back there, taking up what little space was available. Vincent snores loudly, worse than a grown man and is a mouth breather which results in many shirt changes throughout the day. Did I mention he’s a poor-eater???

So I made an appointment with the same ENT who removed our middle daughter’s tonsils and adenoids the year before. She also had the same issues of being sick often and snoring, so the surgery helped improve her health, eating habits and sleep routine. The appointment was last week with Dr. Boruk and after just one look, she knew he needed to have his removed as well. Her staff made me an appointment for a sleep study at Methodist Hospital.

Methodist Hospital has an amazing sleep center and they’re great with patient care but I’m extremely worried to have the test done since Vincent has sensory issues and will not like the wires all over his body and head. I know he needs this test to move forward for surgery since it will determine if he needs to be in the ICU for recovery or in a regular room during his overnight stay, so we’ll brave it. We’re in for an interesting night.

To be continued….

What’s New?

Well it has been awhile since my last post, mainly because daily requirements have a way of controlling every aspect of my life. So lets see where I left off… Vincent had just finished his first two months on the Nemechek protocol and we had seen many gains but no new sounds or words. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely frustrated, cried occasionally and did so much research on Google that my fingers were cramping. But none of this was going to give me the answer I was so desperately searching for to the question every parent dreads asking, “Is my child on the spectrum?”.

Yes he was given the diagnoses and receiving Early Intervention but does this really mean he’s on the spectrum? or could it be sensory processing disorder? or could he have oral apraxia? Well he had an MRI last month and the results came back that his scan was unremarkable, so if it was oral apraxia it would have shown up on his scan. He does have some sensory issues, exhibits some signs of ASD and motor delays but loves to cuddle, extremely affectionate with everyone, loves to play with other kids and animals, has amazing eye contact but can doze off occasionally. Answers to his name but then again he will ignore you while his favorite show is on. So what does this all mean… I have no clue! All I know is the spectrum is so wide that the odds of him being on it, even in the slightest way is highly possible. So to hell with labels! My main focus is helping our son overcome any obstacle that might come his way and giving him as many hugs, cuddles and kisses in the process.

That brings me to the past month… Vincent is still on the protocol but I increased his inulin from 1 tsp to 1 1/2 tsp and the same for his olive oil. I also increased his fish oil but went back to his original dosage since he was having severe diarrhea and irritation. Vincent has been without a pacifier for 2 weeks now and is satisfying his oral input by mouthing his hands and objects. A stage I am hoping he overcomes quickly and praying he doesn’t realize he can suck on his thumb in the same manner as the pacifier. With him improving his food intake, we decided to switch him to Almond Milk but he still needs the rice in his bottles to fill his tummy. We’ve had many gains this month resulting in our little boy smiling and laughing more. He has been very whiney lately but I contribute that to the increase in the inulin and know it will pass in a couple of weeks. He exhibited the same behavior when he first started the protocol and when I increased him for the first time.

So like everything else… this too shall pass.