My Son’s History

My son’s list of medical complications are as follows, at 18 months old: Suggested on the spectrum (unable to receive an official clinical diagnosis until he’s a little older)/SPD, Low B12, No desire to eat table food – strictly bottle fed, extremely self-directed, cognitive issues, weak fine motor skills, delayed speech, inability to clap hands, point and wave good-bye.Illustrated happy woman holding her young son

His hearing was checked by an ENT and he passed! He doesn’t mind loud noises but doesn’t like to be around children screaming even though he loves to play with his sister and cousins. He’s maintained a healthy weight due to the rice supplement in his bottle and is above average for his height. My son is extremely smart and loves to be snuggled.

At 2 yrs old: Thanks to his amazing ABA therapist from Thursdays Child, he’s currently waving good-bye, clapping and pointing to things he wants. He can now guide us to get his point across, he will hold our hand for walks and behaves much better in public. Thanks to his wonderful Speech/Feeding therapist, he will now allow us to spoon feed him baby food with minimal conflict and will occasionally eat tiny pieces of table food, provided it’s given to him one piece at a time, on his plate. He is currently not saying any new words but has maintained the words he does know and is verbalizing new sounds.

He loves to nap, so much so that he can fall asleep any where! Standing or sitting makes no difference to him, he’ll just lean over when necessary. His naps can range from 1-3 hours, shorter naps happening twice a day and longer naps happening all at once. He will sleep through the night and will wake up 3-4 nights a week around 2am for a bottle.