About Me

Learning to dance in the rain

My name is Cynthia and if I had to choose 3 words to describe myself, they would be: Mother, Wife, Multitasker. I am the mother to three passionate children and married to the love of my life. Our eldest child is a pastry chef, our middle child is a charismatic  little girl with a booming social life and our youngest child is extremely bright but has a few delays. Raising a child with feeding issues, speech delays, self-directed behavior and sensory issues influenced my life in every way I was not prepared for. While I do work as a Consultant, my career has been impacted significantly since I’m unable to work full-time and my days are dictated by his highs and lows. Our son has many demands and probably should have me by his side every step of the way but I need to work…for financial reasons (his therapy supplies, supplements and dietary needs are expensive) and also for my sanity (God knows I need conversations beyond the Disney channel and potty updates). I would love to say I’m balancing my life and even find time for a monthly girls night or a hobby…but that would be a lie. At this stage in my life, my main focus is helping our children to strive to their fullest ability and for our youngest, that means giving him every ounce of extra energy I have.

Raising a child with feeding and speech delays and self-directed behavior can be incredibly lonely at times. And I don’t just mean the struggle to leave the house and go places. Yes, that’s a big part of it since it would take me hours to prepare for a twenty-minute outing. But the emotional side can be just as lonely as the anxiety of “what might go wrong” starts to set in. Sometimes I would find myself making excuses to stay home instead of attending playdates or events, but I quickly snapped out of that funk before it could define our lives. Why should we stay home when we have an amazing support system of family and friends who love our son no matter what mood he’s in. He’s always invited to his sister’s playdates and friend’s birthday parties (they’re 4 years apart). Even her friends have an amazing gentle approach to our son, Vincent. I loved that I didn’t have to constantly apologize for him mouthing their objects, having melt downs in the corner or banging on every flat surface in their home.

My days involve ABA Therapists, Speech and Occupational Therapy while juggling work, home-life, our 5 year old daughter’s school and social life, my marriage and anything else God decides to throw my way. I’ve thought about writing a blog for a few years now but never gave myself the time needed to do so. But, when one of our son’s ABA therapist mentioned The Nemechek Protocol™  to me, I immediately bought the book and the supplements. With our son being 5 months into his intense therapy (about 5.5 hours a day), and already seeing improvements in his eye contact, following directions, feeding efforts (will now accept a spoon) and interaction with other children… I figured this could help give him the boost he needs to reach the next set of goals. So after reading the book, I thought to myself… this is worth writing about… it’s now or never! DO IT!

And so I did.