Why I Tried The Nemechek Protocol

Supplements taken: 1 tsp of California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil (First Cold Press) plus I cook with it, 6 pills of Now DHA-500 and 1 tsp twice a day of NOW Foods Inulin Prebiotic

About a month ago, I was feeling like my head was in a fog, extremely sluggish by mid-day and found it hard to focus at times. There were days I would forget someone’s name even though I’ve known them for the past six years. Some would say it’s from lack of sleep since I usually sleep 4-6 hours a day, others have told me it could be from my busy schedule.  Either way I felt I needed to do something about it and fast! So after joining the Facebook support group for The Nemechek Protocol and reading how many parents are taking the protocol along with their child, so I decided to give it a shot.

Well, here I am a month later and I feel great! I have an abundance of energy throughout the day and sleep soundly at night. I still feel as if I’m in a fog once in a while but it’s nothing like what I was dealing with a month ago. Juggling my busy work schedule, my children’s extra curricular activities and social outtings, Vincent’s therapy and doctor appointments as well as helping run my husband’s business …. let’s not forget laundry, cleaning, cooking and now blogging (deep breath) so needless to say I welcome the energy boost and can’t wait to see where this protocol brings me in another month.

Click here to learn more about The Nemechek Protocol

Click here to read about my son’s journey on The Nemechek Protocol


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