Week 7

Supplements given: 1 tsp of California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil (First Cold Press) 1/8 tsp of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Lemon Flavor and 1 tsp a day of NOW Foods Inulin Prebiotic

March 7, 2018 – Snow day, or at least we thought it was going to be a snow day. I was truly hoping to go outside with the kids today but unfortunately it’s wet and slushy out. Vincent and Ella spent the day playing with their toys and working through his sessions with positive outcomes. He’s improving with his spoon-feeding and crying less provided he is distracted with the iPad or watching cartoons.


March 8, 2018 – Vincent woke up happy this morning. We love his laugh… he even has a new one and laughs more often. Unfortunately, this morning he had a little constipation but it was quickly rectified with his breakfast since it included his supplements. I swear the olive oil in his bottle helps keep his bowel movements consistent. His older sister hates changing his diaper so she was really quick to pass it off to me before I left for work. Yay me! His lead ABA therapist updated his programs and he adjusted to the change pretty nicely. Usually he has meltdowns in the beginning. Since the protocol his meltdowns have been minimal to almost non-existent. The rest of the day was typical until I came home from work and saw my little daredevil climbing on his trampoline while it was tilted to the side. This little boy has no fear! He will truly be the reason for my grey hairs.

March 9, 2018 – TGIF! Truly excited for the weekend … my husband and my father’s surprise birthday party is tomorrow. So much planning has gone into this special celebrations and I pray it goes off without a hitch. Our children absolutely adore their grandfather, as do all of us and we’re so blessed to have him in our lives. Our son has come a long way in his relationship with my dad. Vincent looks for him to help with his activities; this behavior was non-existent 8 months ago, but ever since he started the protocol things have drastically changed. Vincent is more interactive with everyone around him, observant of his surroundings and engages in appropriate play. A huge gain all around! We decided to order shrimp fried rice and Lo Mein for dinner since it’s Lent and we abstain from meat on Fridays. Well, Vincent loved every second of his meal time and when he was finally finished eating his food, he took my hand, placed the remaining pieces in my hand and then pushed my hand away. This is a new way for him to communicate he is finished with his meal since he is unable to say the word “finished”. Like I said, we’re seeing huge gains lately and I’m grateful to my therapist for telling me about the Nemechek Protocol.

March 10, 2018 – Party Time!!! Well the surprise party was a huge success! My hubby and dad we’re shocked and we all had a great time, especially Vincent. He played with all the children, loved the clowns.com preformers and was definitely the life of the party with his mischievousness. At one point he walked into the kitchen at the restaurant, only to be escorted out by the manager. Vincent’s face was priceless! He played so much that he passed out on the way home, napped for 2 hours then woke up to eat and went to bed for he night an hour later. I’ve never seen him enjoy himself so much before.

March 11, 2018 – I’m thinking about increasing his fish oil supplement from 1/8 tsp to a 1/4 tsp since he’s been tolerating the taste just fine. Not too sure when I will start this increase but most likely on Wednesday since that will be his 8th week on the Nemechek Protocol. I love Sundays because it’s a great time for the family to get together and catch up while the kids play. We decided to BBQ and all the kids played in the living room until it was time to eat. Vincent enjoyed the extra playtime and decided to show-off on his trampoline. He loves to jump on it but only shares when the mood strikes him to.

March 12, 2018 – With Mondays being our longest day in the week next to Fridays and losing an hour of sleep from the daylight savings debacle, everyone was dragging their feet today.  According to my husband, Vincent napped a few times today and did very well in his sessions. He drank all his supplements but needed a few times to finish the bottle. He unfortunately is starting to get a cold so drinking a bottle while being congested is difficult. This means, Vincent will be in rare form for the next few days.    Hooray for me!

March 13, 2018 – Today was a good day, he drank his supplements with no issues. Vincent is still not feeling 100% and will eventually need to revisit his ENT about his chronic congestion and enlarged tonsils… but that’s a battle for another day. He attended to his lessons and played very nicely with his sister until the dog got involved, stealing their toys.

Summary: The week started off strong and with no issues but then the common cold decided to visit and all hell breaks loose. Feedings are already an issue so trying to get Vincent to eat while be congested takes a lot of creativity and patience. 


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